The Art Of Touch

Being touched by the person that loves you the most is an incredible gift. For both the giver and the receiver. For the receiver it is a no brainer, it Feels Good. At least it does when they know what they are doing. For the receiver well, what do you think, you get to look at and rub all over the person you love the most. You get to go over ever curve. You get to see, touch , hear and only at the end smell and taste your partner.

This is one way to connect with your partner with all your senses.

Talk about total body connection.

The problem is most of us are not a massage therapist and we usually get tired of giving our loved one a massage pretty quickly because we are working harder not smarter.

So I am here to show you one of the best places you can go to learn, without having to go to massage school.

Published by Health Of It Transformation

I have been married since 1999 to my soul-mate. We have two amazing gifts from God and I have an older daughter who got married in 2012. I homeschooled my children because being around them all day is a wonderful gift that so many parents miss out on. I created "Health of It Transformation" to educate and support individuals on their road to living their healthiest happiest sexiest life. Blessing others is my calling and now I do that as a Rapid Transformational Therapy Hypnotherapist. Hope to bless you today. By the way, I beat ALL the Incurable diseases that plagued my body for over 30 years. To learn more about me check out the sites below.

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